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Neptune Ghosts: Ghosts of the Coast

Looking to add a spooky twist to your sunny Virginia Beach getaway? Join Neptune Ghosts to explore the city’s hidden horrors, where history is soaked in blood and buildings echo the cries of long-forgotten souls.

Book a Virginia Beach ghost tour with Neptune Ghosts tonight and get ready to hear the ghostly tales of mysterious sea creatures, pirate plunder, shipwrecked sailors, and restless spirits who have refused to leave their beloved coastal paradise.

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Book Your Virginia Beach Ghost Tour Tonight!

Neptune Ghosts: Ghosts of the Coast

With a history steeped in tragedy, mystery, colonial intrigue, and maritime lore, Virginia Beach offers a unique blend of thrills and chills for visitors craving an unforgettable adventure in Southeastern Virginia. Book a Virginia Beach ghost tour to meet the spirits of its rocky beginnings. For even more haunted landmarks in Virginia Beach, add the Bonus Extended Tour to dig deeper into the city’s dark past and uncover the sinister secrets about this city that the history books don’t reveal.

Meeting Location: The King Neptune Statue at 3001 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach

Starting Time: Ghost tours are held nightly at 8 PM, rain or shine!

Pet Policy: Pets are not permitted on Ghost Tours

Alcohol Policy: No Drinking Permitted

Adults Only: No

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Five Stars

It was very interesting to learn some of the history of VA beach. Krissy was very knowledgeable and enjoyable to take the tour with.

Andrea Whittle

Five Stars

Our tour guide Max was excellent! Very kind and friendly. Seems to know a lot of the history around here. We really enjoyed it! The best part was that...

Yerina Labarca

Five Stars

Shelley was so much fun! She was a great guide! So thankful for the information she sent beforehand as well 🙌🏽

Rebecca Spreitzer
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Tour Preview: Where You’ll Go

Virginia Beach Surf and Rescue Museum

Back in the day, the Old US Coast Guard Station—where the Virginia Beach Surf and Rescue Museum now stands—was the lifeline for countless shipwreck survivors, providing hope amidst the treacherous waters of the Atlantic. Though the shipwrecks have long since ceased, local lore says the ghosts of those lost at sea have never left, haunting the premises of the museum, perhaps searching for the closure they never found in life.

Norwegian Lady

Built to commemorate the souls lost in the tragic wreck of a Norwegian ship in 1891, the Norwegian Lady Statue stands as a solemn reminder of Virginia Beach’s maritime tragedies. Reports of ghostly sightings and mysterious disappearances from innocent beachgoers and locals suggest the haunting presence of Johanne Jørgensen, the wife of the captain of the ill-fated ship, and other sailors who met their untimely end far away from home.

Naval Aviation Monument Park

From the heroic exploits of past and present aviators to the pioneering flights of Eugene Ely, the National Aviation Monument Park stands as a testament to the bravery and mysteries of aviation history in Virginia Beach. A gaze out onto the waters where Ely made history in 1910 makes you wonder what other mysteries lie beneath the waves, waiting to entice and trap unsuspecting souls, or perhaps better be left undisturbed?

The Hauntings of Virginia Beach

Vengeful deities, tragic shipwrecks, ominous sea creatures, bloodthirsty pirates, and senseless acts of violence form the foundation for the haunted history of Virginia Beach. From the ancient Chesepian Indians who once revered the sea to the arrival of European settlers and the eventual rise of the bustling coastal city, Virginia Beach is rife with tales of terror, betrayal, and retribution, many shrouded in mystery.

Long before the city of Virginia Beach was founded, the land was inhabited by the peaceful Chesepian Indians, who worshipped their sea deity, Neptune, before they were wiped out by a rival Powhatan tribe. The arrival of European settlers in the early 17th century marked a new chapter in the area’s history, and the land, once a quiet resort spot, grew into a bustling town. But with growth came turmoil and calamity, as the city’s rising power and influence may have attracted the attention of the ocean deity. This led to a series of storms and misfortune that plagued the beaches, leaving a legacy of tragedy and despair.

The citizens’ attempts to appease the ocean’s wrath with the construction of the King Neptune statue may have brought temporary calm and a bustling festival atmosphere to Neptune City. But the legacy of betrayal and retribution left behind by ancient civilizations can never be washed away. Join Neptune Ghosts tonight on a spooky stroll through the moonlit streets of The Resort City and hear the disturbing accounts of tragic events and restless spirits that haunt Virginia Beach.


The Most Haunted Places in Virginia Beach, VA


Whether you’re soaking up the sun or strolling along the coast, the spirits of Virginia Beach are always close by, eager to make your seaside getaway a little spookier. From the strange events at the Grand Dame Cavelier Hotel to the mischievous male spirit roaming the circa-1791 Thoroughgood House, Virginia Beach is brimming with ghostly tales and haunted history.

Muddy footprints of long-forgotten souls marching through the misty marshes at the Elbow Road will frighten any visitor. The ghost of Grace Sherwood and the infamous Witch of Pungo, reportedly buried in the colonial-era Ferry Plantation House, continue to cast her spectral spells from beyond the grave.

Reasons to Take the Virginia Beach Ghost Tour

You want to experience the unique culture of this seaside town

Tragedy, spine-tingling ghost encounters and strange, inexplicable death have all come to lay the foundation of this popular ... oceanfront destination. So why limit yourself to the safe and predictable? Travel like a local and join Neptune Ghosts on a one-hour stroll down Virginia Beach’s famous boardwalk, where the souls of long-dead pirates, ghouls, and former residents are said to roam once the sun goes down. Look out at the dark expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, and come face-to-face with a natural entity that has swallowed up thousands of innocent lives in its cruel waves. Hear chilling, authentic accounts of the boardwalk’s famous ghosts, and learn exactly why this seemingly charming tourist destination has a unique culture like no other thanks to its dark past and legacy of suffering.

You’re fascinated by singing sirens and deadly sea monsters

Did you know that more than 80% of the ocean has never been mapped, explored, or even seen by humans? If you’re curious abo ... ut what really lies deep in the depths of the Atlantic, join Neptune Ghosts to hear the terrifying tales behind some of the most vicious sea monsters, many of which have lurked around Virginia Beach’s idyllic coast for centuries. Hear sordid stories about sinful creatures such as sirens, who have been said to drag helpless men into the water before dragging them under to their eventual deaths, thanks to their mesmerizing, eerie song. A local Virginia Beach resident once encountered one of these ungodly creatures, who he said appeared to him as a woman with a long, silver fishtail and rows of needle-sharp teeth. His story serves as a warning to visitors…meaning you should always keep your eyes open — and your eyes firmly closed — when visiting this famously haunted town.

You don’t believe in ghosts

It’s hard to be a skeptic in a place like Virginia Beach, but after a tour with Neptune Ghosts, you’ll find that sometime ... s, there’s no logical explanation for why strange and mysterious things keep happening around this historic seaside city. Stop by what many consider to be some of Virginia’s most haunted locations, including the Old US Coast Guard Station, which once served as a fully-operational, live-saving station until workers claimed it was too haunted and potentially cursed after a series of inexplicable incidents. If there’s one place on Virginia’s coast that’s bound to send a shiver up your spine, it’s Virginia Beach, and you’ll have to see it to believe it.

You’re sick and tired of water activities

Parasailing, catamaran expeditions, sea kayaking…as fun as these can be, there’s likely going to come a point during your ... trip to Virginia Beach when you’d rather ditch your sea legs for solid ground. On your tour with Neptune Ghosts, you’ll get the chance to come face-to-face with some of Virginia Beach’s most popular haunted destinations and its legendary ghosts, from the apparitions of long-dead, shipwrecked sailors, to the ghost of the famous “Witch of Pungo,” who sometimes stalks the beaches today, perhaps, in revenge of those who attempted to kill and persecute her for witchcraft hundreds of years ago.

You’ve already checked off your “must-see” Virginia Beach destinations

If you’ve already visited the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, the Aviation Museum, and Cape Henry Lighthouse ... , then it’s time to add a tour with Neptune Ghosts to your “to-do” list. Hear the sinful secrets and sordid stories of Virginia Beach’s tormented past, and experience the otherworldly by stopping at some of the area’s well-known haunts. Get the blood pumping and expand your comfort zone by diving into Virginia Beach’s gruesome history, and create unforgettable memories that are sure to follow you well beyond your trip to the Old Dominion.

You’re a local who’s never experienced the haunted underbelly of your historic town

If you’re a local resident, then you know that a city like Virginia Beach is a rarity. Acting as both an idyllic oceanside ... town and the site of countless, grisly horrors, you know your town is a special one. So why not take the chance to learn the ghostly legends behind the city you call home? Follow us around town and hear secret stories from this town’s past that you may have never heard before, from the real-life atrocities of the Virginia Beach fishing pier, to the ghosts of famous pirates, which are rumored to float around the boardwalk. Get to know your home a little better with a blood-chilling adventure into the unknown, and prepare to get goosebumps after learning about the everyday horrors that plague this nautical town.

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