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Uncover Virginia Beach’s hidden past with eerie stories of real hauntings that have plagued the boardwalk for generations.

Neptune Ghosts offers an unforgettable look of Resort City’s collection of captivating stories and visits to its haunted locations.

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Join us for an authentic ghost tour down the boardwalk with stories of pirates, witches, and more dating back over 300 years!

Join us for a Ghost Tour!

  • King Neptune Statue at 3001 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.

  • 1 hour across 1.2 miles

  • Press "Book Now" to see all available dates and times.

  • Ghost tours are held nightly throughout the year, and are rain or shine!

Joseph Stearns 5 Stars This was a very interesting and fun tour! Shelley was the BEST.... read more
18 Sep 2023
By: Joseph Stearns
Andy Roe 5 Stars Knowledgeable guide. Learned many things about Virginia Beach.... read more
12 Sep 2023
By: Andy Roe
Feliciti Myracle 5 Stars It was amazing! Highly recommend! Shelley is 10/10! Very knowledgeable and very professional!... read more
03 Sep 2023
By: Feliciti Myracle

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Welcome to Virginia Beach, one of the most terrifying cities on the east coast. Join us on the boardwalk of this seaside town and learn of the horrific history that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Discover some of the most haunting events in history, from the legendary Blackbeard and his murderous crew to the notorious Witch of Pungo. Even long-lost souls of shipwrecked sailors still roam the waters for all eternity. On Neptune Ghost Tour, we uncover mysteries as dark and disturbing as the deepest regions of the ocean.




Monuments and statues decorate the boardwalk along Virginia Beach. Neptune Ghosts will not only commemorate sacrifices made but also uncover their sinister history. Stories of ruthless pirates, vengeful beings accused of witchcraft, and the tragic tales lost to the ocean. Being one of the oldest colonial cities in America comes with a plethora of history. You’ll discover all the hidden secrets behind each iconic monument on our walking ghost tour of Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach is no stranger to the tragic death. Its history spans hundreds of years, and the stories that have been left behind encompass many ghoulish spirits. Benevolent, curious, and lost souls will join you on your walk down the eerie boardwalk as darkness sweeps over the ocean.

Hear horrifying tales of betrayal, murder, and heartbreak. You will walk in the footsteps of the tortured spirits that still cling to their watery grave. Maybe you’ll hear the disembodied cries of the sea’s victims echoing through the ocean waves. Perhaps get a glimpse of the family that lost their lives aboard one of the earliest ships to sail across the Atlantic or even manifest orbs of light hovering just above to water’s surface that are said to be the spirits of Blackbeard’s crew.


Virginia Beach is a hotspot for tourists and family vacationers. The sunny beach and beautiful sunset shroud sinister secrets. One of the original colonial settlements, a rich history sometimes comes at a price. Join us as we dig beneath the sand and uncover the dark past that stained this historic beach.

Visit the monuments, statues, and the last resting places of spirits that line the boardwalk. Hundreds of years’ worth of history, tragedy, and heartbreak are hidden just beneath the surface. Learn about the several unexplained encounters that will give you make you think twice before taking a walk at night on the beach.
Find out where vessels lie shipwrecked in the depths of the ocean or apparitions of the drowned souls still haunt the beaches of Virginia. Your trip through one of the oldest colonial cities will help you understand the real cost of greed and fortune.

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